What is Craft Cannabis?

What is Craft Cannabis? – Craft Cannabis Products in Vermont

Posted on February 21st, 2024 to Education

If you hang around people who appreciate fine cannabis often, “craft cannabis” is bound to be a topic of serious discussion at some point. What is craft cannabis? The short answer: cannabis grown by small-scale growers that pay exceptional attention to every detail. Take a closer look at craft cannabis and some of the best craft cannabis products in Vermont.

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So, what is craft cannabis anyway?

Craft cannabis, often described as the artisanal counterpart to mass-produced cannabis, embodies a more personal and hands-on approach to cultivation. In contrast to large-scale commercial operations, craft cannabis is cultivated, processed, and distributed by smaller-scale, usually independent growers.

Those who grow craft cannabis are passionate cultivators who prioritize quality, sustainability, and unique flavors in their flower. By cultivating cannabis in small batches, craft growers pay closer attention to detail and tailor their techniques to bring out the best in each plant. Likewise, craft cannabis products like edibles and extracts are made with the same passion for detail and quality. This dedication often results in products that are highly prized for their exceptional quality and easy-to-appreciate genetics.

Check Out Some Prime Craft Cannabis Products in Vermont

1. Vermont Bud Barn Flower

VT Bud Barn is now a vertically integrated dispensary, which means we have expanded to include our cannabis cultivation facility. We knew from the beginning that we would take a craft cannabis approach to cultivation because there is no finer outcome when it comes to premium flower. With strains on the menu like Limepop with its perfectly balanced Sativa/Indica lineage and Grapefruit Chem with its impressive terpene lineup, these cultivars are exemplary of what craft cannabis should be.

2. Lindies Kitchen Gummies

Lindies Kitchen focuses on smaller-batch, handcrafted cannabis edibles, and these edibles are well-regarded for being some of the best edibles in VT. The brand has VT Roots, Lamoille County to be exact, and every batch of edibles from the brand is of exceptional quality. Lindies gummies are made with only high-quality ingredients and extracts taken from locally cultivated cannabis.

Lindies Kitchen Slightly Sour THC Hash Rosin Gummy Rings Product Image

3. Burrington Hill Company Bubble Hash

Burrington Hill is a well-recognized name in artisanal-quality, craft cannabis in VT. With a keen interest in sustainability, the brand puts a lot of work into growing cannabis in a way that’s kind to the planet but also explicitly nurtured to enrich lives. The brand offers a selective strain library, including a mix of classic favorites like Blue Dream and Super Skunk. However, one of Burrington’s most popular products is its pure and natural bubble hash—one of the best concentrates in VT.

4. Bushy Beard Cultivation Pre-Rolls

Bushy Beard produces craft cannabis, hash, and pre-rolls all derived from its no-till organic cultivation center in VT. The brand was one of the first to take a more organic, artisanal approach to cannabis in the state. And Bushy Beard pre-rolls are truly something to be admired in strains like Cereal Milk, Unicorn Meat, and Forlato.

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If you are looking for cannabis products in VT from brands that sink a lot of time and attention into what they produce, be sure to stop by and see us at VT Bud Barn. We love partnering with craft cannabis brands because they allow us to highlight some of the best flower, edibles, extracts, and other products in the state in our Brattleboro dispensary. Feel free to browse our menu to explore our full collection.

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