The Top 5 Best Cannabis Flower and Pre-roll Brands in Vermont

Posted on March 25th, 2023 to Education

Whether you’re searching for “pre-rolls in Vermont” or you’re simply trying to find a go-to brand for cannabis flower, VT Bud Barn has you covered. Our Vermont cannabis dispensary is here to help you find the right marijuana products to create the experience that you want. Whether you’re just getting started with exploring THC or you’ve been in the game for awhile, we’re proud to offer the top Vermont cannabis brands to our customers.

Whether you prefer to roll flower to create your own joints or you’d rather enjoy the convenience of a pre-roll, we have a wide variety of options. Feel free to order online, or stop in and chat with one of our friendly budtenders to discover which of our product lines we sell is the best fit for your needs.

Let’s take a look at the top brands that you’ll want to check out as you shop for cannabis in Vermont.

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1. Off Piste Farm

Located in Sutton, VT, Off Piste farm is proud to focus on quality over quantity. In business for eight years, the independently owned operation is proud to support the local community while working to grow top-notch cannabis. By using organic materials and working with other local Vermont businesses, Off Piste Farm is able to create high-quality cannabis while minimizing their environmental impact. The farm uses off-grid solar power to generate their own electricity, and believes that the extra work they put in to creating a sustainable operation is well worth the environmental benefits.

2. Pinnacle Valley Farms

This indoor cultivation facility covers over 6,000 square feet and is run by a husband and wife team. Pinnacle Valley uses organic farming methods and works to improve the biological diversity of their soil. With six separate grow rooms, Pinnacle Valley is able to operate on a staggered harvest schedule, allowing them to provide customers with a variety of strains.

3. Sunset Lake Cannabis

Sunset Lake Cannabis prides itself on providing farm-to-table CBD products, allowing customers to rest assured that they’re getting the high-quality CBD they need–and nothing else. Located in the Champlain Islands of Vermont, the company shares its name with Sunset Lake Farm, the company that provides Ben and & Jerry’s Ice Cream with milk and other dairy products. Sam Bellavance, one of the owners of Sunset Lake Farm, was curious about diversifying the farm by adding hemp to their roster of plants. He approached Alex Frey, a cannabis grower, and together, they started Sunset Lake Cannabis in 2019.

4. Bordertown Farm

Bordertown Farm is a USDA-certified organic CBD operation that creates high-quality, full-spectrum products. The organic farm is proud to create products on a small scale, allowing them to put in the time required to prune plants by hand. Their slow process allows them to create a higher yield, resulting in excellent CBD products. Customers sing the praises of the farm for creating products that aid in reducing anxiety and easing aches and pains.

5. Forbins Finest

Proud to produce high quality cannabis products, Forbins Finest has more than two decades of experience in producing cannabis. Customers love the variety of strains offered by Forbins Finest, including Strawberry Slurpee, Cake Crasher, Pineapple Slurpee, Tropicana Slurpee, and Pineapple Cream. In addition to creating a great flavor, Forbins Finest is also proud to create products that offer recognizable scents, creating a cannabis experience that delights the senses.

Where to Find the Best Flower and Pre-rolls in Vermont?

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