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The Best Vape Carts and Disposables in Vermont (2023)

Posted on October 5th, 2023 to Education

The ever-versatile cannabis plant can be consumed in various ways, including smoking and dabbing. Certain consumers prefer ingesting it through oil tinctures, edibles, and beverages. Then there are stoners who prefer vaping THC-infused oils, resin, or concentrates. Whether or not you’re new to vaping, utilizing the best vape cartridges and vape pens can make a difference in the experience.

Below are the best vape cartridges in Vermont and vape pens to maximize flavor and effects. Be sure to add the below premium picks to your marijuana dispensary shopping list. Just in case you’re wondering, are vapes legal in Vermont? The answer is a big fat yes!


Undeniably the Best Vape Cartridges in Vermont

1. Spring Trainwreck Vape Cart

  • Strain Type: Sativa
  • Genetics: Mexican and Thai Sativas + Afghan Indicas
  • Avg THC: 17%
  • Flavors/Aromas: Sweet, lemon, spicy pine

Not surprisingly, Trainwreck Vape Cart by Spring is one of the top THC cartridges Vermont customers frequently ask for. The potent, mind-bending sativa strain hits hard like a freight train, according to reviews by heavy hitters. This high THC, Northern Californian staple is notorious for its rush of effects and stimulating creativity and happiness. Consumers are also drawn to Trainwreck for its ability to relieve pain, migraine, stress, and anxiety.

2. Stone Leaf Cannabis Sour Diesel Live Rosin Cart

  • Strain Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Chemdawg X Super Skunk
  • Avg THC: 19%
  • Flavor/Aromas: Sour, citrus, diesel

Sour Diesel Live Rosin Cart by Stone Leaf Cannabis is another one of the best vape cartridges in Vermont dispensaries. The legendary Sour Diesel is a fast-acting daytime strain. Despite the pungent diesel smell, Sour Diesel promises to deliver energetic, social, and dreamy feelings. Reviewers claim the calming effects experienced make it helpful for relieving stress, pain, and depression.

3. Vermont Bud Barn Sour Runtz Vape Cart

  • Strain Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Runtz X Sour Diesel
  • Avg THC: 73%
  • Flavor/Aromas: Sweet citrus, sour, pungent

Sour Runtz Vape Cart by Vermont Bud Barn is an indica-dominant hybrid strain. The adventure begins with mouthwatering tastes followed by a high that hits with a slow burn. The uplifting euphoria evokes happy feelings, a better mood, and a noticeable sense of calm. The effects move into a heavy body feeling that leaves you couch-locked for a while. Not surprising for a potent high-THC cross. Reviewers also raved about Sour Runtz’s ability to alleviate depressive moods, anxiety, fibromyalgia, and pain.

Vermont Bud Barn Sour Runtz Vape Cartridge

4. Vermont Kind Blue Dream Vape Cart

  • Strain Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Blueberry X Haze
  • Avg THC: 18%
  • Flavor/Aromas: Sweet berries, earthy, herbal spices

The Blue Dream Vape Cartridge is one of the best vape cartridges in Vermont produced by Vermont Kind. Blue Dream strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid adored for creating a balanced high. There is a type of stimulation of the mind paired with full-body relaxation that keeps fans coming back for more. The Blueberry x Haze cross is a go-to for those seeking to improve chronic pain, nausea, and depression symptoms. The bud is well-tolerated by both novice and veteran vapers for its leveled effects.

5. Vermont Kind Girl Scout Cookies Vape Cart

  • Strain Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: OG Kush X Durban Poison
  • Avg THC: 62.7%THC
  • Flavor/Aromas: Minty, lemon, pungent, earthy

Girl Scout Cookies Vape Cart by Vermont Kind comes up in almost every conversation about the best vape cartridges in Vermont. The indicia-dominant award-winning cross, popularly known as “GSC,” is beloved for the happy, euphoric, and full-body relaxation it provides. The strain packs a punch that is best tolerated by experienced cannabis consumers. Thanks to the high THC content, GSC vape carts are sought-after for managing symptoms associated with chronic pain, appetite loss, and nausea.

Need the Best Vape Pens in Vermont?

In addition to the top THC cartridges Vermont consumers prefer are the best vape pens in Vermont. Vape pens are portable, battery-operated devices used to consume the THC-infused distillates in the vape cartridges. Some vape pens are all-in-one and ready to use. Explore the best dispensaries in Vermont menus to select your favorite. You’re bound to find these top-brand vape pens, batteries, and accessories:

Pick the Best Vape Cartridges at Vermont Bud Barn

Look no further than our adult-use dispensary for the best vape cartridges and the best vape pens in Vermont. Our menu displays a well-curated and tempting collection of clean and well-tested THC vape cartridges. Browse the line of premium-brand flower, concentrates, and edibles handpicked to satisfy your desires. Don’t miss Extract Tuesdays! All extracts, vape carts, and tinctures are 20% OFF between 2-6 pm. Call 802-246-4367 to order for pickup.


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