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The Best Mountain Biking in Vermont

Posted on August 22nd, 2023 to Education

When it comes to mountain biking Vermont is easily one of the best states in New England to visit. From hardcore trails that take you to high elevations and breathtaking cliffs to paved trails easy enough for a total newbie, Vermont mountain bike trails come in all shapes and sizes. Ready to hit the trails but not sure where to start? We’ve pulled together a few tips, a few of the best trails, and more below.


A Snapshot Look at the Vermont Mountain Biking Landscape

Vermont may be highly recognized for skiing, but these same natural landscapes also mean the state is a mountain biker’s paradise. VT is not a big state in many respects, which may make it seem like bike trails would be lacking. However, within state lines, you’ll find everything from easygoing tracks to treacherous paths through the Green Mountains. Plus, VT does an awesome job of highlighting all the best places for mountain bikers. Trailheads are usually sign-posted to show you the way, and you never have to travel too far to get to a new place.

Where to Find the Best Mountain Biking in Vermont

killington bike park

1. Killington Bike Park

  • Difficulty: Easy, Intermediate, and Difficult
  • Trail System Length: 30+ miles
  • Where: Killington, VT

The Killington Bike Park is one of the most frequented systems of mountain bike trails in VT, and one visit will reveal why. This massive park has over 30 miles of trails. The best part is you can find trails suitable for every skill level or experience at Killington. Killington has three mountain areas to ride, and high-speed lifts to carry riders to the top of certain trail peaks. You get to go on a gravity-powered, downhill ride through every trail challenge imaginable. Even though you have to pay to play at Killington, camping is free if you decide to stay the night, and mountain bike rentals are available.

2. Pine Hill Park

  • Difficulty: Easy to Difficult
  • Trail System Length: 23 miles
  • Where: Rutland, VT

With more than 17 miles of trails to explore, Pine Hill Park is a top stopping point for mountain bikers of all skill levels. The park contains a number of different trails, such as the Redfield Trails and Underdog Trail. Each trail can vary in skill level and terrain. Some paths like the Stegosaurus have steep inclines and descents, while others like the Underdog are more laid-back and not so challenging for someone just getting started.

3. Woodstock Area Mountain Bike Association (WAMBA)

  • Difficulty: Easy, Intermediate, and Difficult
  • Trail System Length:
  • Where: Woodstock, VT

WAMBA maintains and oversees three full trail networks to explore, including the Saskadena Six Trails, Mt. Peg Trails, and Aqueduct Trails. WAMBA is a community of mountain bikers that have remained committed to creating and maintaining some of the best area trails for those that love a good ride. Within the Woodstock area, you can find easy-does-it trails for just-learning riders, fun and twisty rides for more seasoned riders, and all-out white-knuckle trails for pros.

4. Perry Hill

  • Difficulty: Easy to Difficult
  • Trail System Length: 10 miles
  • Where: Waterbury, VT

The trail system at Perry Hill is not quite as complex and riddled with trails as other parts of VT. However, every trail in the area is purposefully created for mountain bikers. You’ll find trails like Campfire and S’mores, which is an easier path with a few good challenges that’s ideal for getting started. Other trails like Burning Spear and Six Flags have a more challenging path with more vertical climbs, steep descents, and other attractive features.

5. Green Mountain Trails

  • Difficulty: Easy, Intermediate, and Difficult
  • Trail System Length: 25 miles
  • Where: Stockbridge and Pittsfield

A large system of trails that spans two VT cities, Green Mountain Trails has a collection of unique trails to explore on your bike. The majority of the terrain on these trails is flow and smooth to ride, but you’ll also encounter rocky and more technical terrain that serves up a physical challenge. These trails are awesome to ride, but they are also multipurpose and can be just as fun on foot on snowshoes in the winter.

Male mountain biker riding in a forest

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