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Satori VT prides itself on its vision for the future of cannabis and hemp throughout Vermont. They have a mission to create a unique space to build a community and collaborate with small, artisanal cannabis and hemp companies. What’s more, their focus is on clean resources for their cannabis and maintaining environmentally friendly practices.

Satori VT:

Product Specs

As Vermont’s regulated market begins to boom, Satori VT aims to meet social equity guidelines, give legacy growers the chance to grow, and share their state-of-the-art facilities. Satori VT also prides itself on being a Vermont-based business, focusing on upholding its reputation for developing unique cannabis products for Vermonters.

Satori VT Cannabis Review

Satori VT has a large team of passionate staff—including who help deliver excellent results. The partners have around 20 years of experience building businesses, which shows in their high-quality cannabis flower.

Their vast cannabis range includes Gush Mints, Atomic Collider 33, Mochi Runtz, Jealousy, Gelato 25 x Dosi, Legend OG (crinkle cut), caramel gelato, and Govern Mint Oasis. In 2023, Satori VT will provide plug-and-grow suites to help growers and companies collaborate.,

Satori VT Cannabis FAQs

Who Makes Satori VT Cannabis

A team of skilled cannabis producers makes Satori VT cannabis. With over 20+ years of business experience, the team has an excellent understanding of cannabis, quality control, and operating procedures. The team uses cold ethanol extraction (-20c) to create high-quality CBD and top satori cannabis.

How Much Satori VT Cannabis Should I Ingest?

Satori VT cannabis products come in all shapes, sizes, and strengths. Therefore, you should choose the right cannabis products to match your tolerance levels. For example, the Velvet Rainbows strain has over 28% THC, enough to make you feel super high.

At VT Bud Burn, we will help you choose the best cannabis product to meet your tolerance levels. We will account for your previous cannabis smoking experience before selecting the best one. All products are lab-tasted, so you can gauge the strength of each cannabis product.

Where to Buy Satori VT in Vermont?

VT Bud Burn is the ultimate place to purchase Satori VT cannabis products—including Gush Mints, Atomic Collider 33, Mochi Runtz, jealousy, Gelato 25 x Dosi, Legend OG (crinkle cut), caramel gelato, and Govern Mint Oasis.

VT Bud Barn is a premium cannabis dispensary. Since 2017, the dispensary has offered cannabis products to Vermont’s vast cannabis fanbase, including Satori VT strains.

Where to Buy Satori in VT

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At VT Bud Barn, we offer customers various leading Vermont cannabis brands, including Satori weed. We believe in offering our customers complete transparency and selling the most incredible local craft cannabis available.

Come and visit us. Our expert budtenders can’t wait to meet you and advise you. You’ll always leave with knowledge and satisfaction—regardless of your taste and experience.

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