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Off Piste Farm

Off Piste Farm got it’s start when owner and founder Ben Wilcox decided to move back to his home state of Vermont. He first developed the land where Off Piste Farm now stands for vegetable production, allowing him to develop the structure required to raise small livestock. In 2018, the farm was legally permitted to grow hemp, and in 2022, Off Piste Farm was awarded one of the first licenses that allowed him to legally grow weed for the purpose of producing THC in Vermont.

Off Piste Farm:

Product Line

The Off Piste Farm Product line is unique, and it can be tough for customers to get their hands on the company’s most popular strains. Their strains are crafted in Vermont and grown using fresh air.

Some of the most popular strains offered by Off Piste Farm include:

  • Pigpen 1st Cut: This strain got it’s start from a pack of seeds from Sherpa Seeds, a well-known grower in Vermont. It took some time to fully develop Pigpen to ensure that it had as many positive traits as possible, and today, it’s known as one of Off Piste Farms’ most early harvests.
  • OP Kush: This popular strain is the most potent THC strain offered by Off Piste Farm. OP Kush was developed on the farm, and the growing team struggled to figure out how to get the plant enough sun for it to meet it’s full potential. With some genetic magic, the team managed to move the plant’s photoperiod back, allowing plenty of time for OP Kush to grow.
  • Afghani: It’s possible that this strain originated in Afghanistan, but it’s tough to tell, as the history of the strain has been passed down for generations and the story has varied. with a THC percentage of nearly 20%, many customers find that this strain has major medicinal benefits.

Off Piste Farm FAQs

When was Off Piste Farm first established?

The farm was established in 2015, and became licensed to grow cannabis for THC use in 2022.

Why does Off Piste Farm only grow cannabis outdoors?

Off Piste Farm believes in growing cannabis as it naturally occurs, rather than using growhouses.

Off Piste Farm Review

Customers love Off Piste Farm’s delicious strains, as well as the high quality of their CBD products. Many customers also love the farm’s full spectrum oils.

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