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Lindie's Kitchen

Lindie’s Kitchen is a cannabis dispensary in the United States with deep roots in the Morristown, Stowe, Waterbury, and Elmore areas. The company has one clear goal: to provide the nearby surrounding community with excellent cannabis. What’s more, they believe in serving their community because it’s theirs.

Lindie's Kitchen:

Product Specs

Their cannabis products cover 5 key things: excellent CBD, cruelty-free production, high-quality dispensary products, Vermont-grown cannabis, and safe extraction. They are ready to open their doors to welcome link-minded people in the area in their new store.

Lindie’s Kitchen Edibles FAQs

Who Makes Lindie’s Kitchen Gummies

Matt Lindemer, a native of the Stowe area of Vermont, helps make Lindie’s Kitchen Gummies. When Vermont legalized cannabis in 2018, Matt had a dream of opening his own cannabis business in the Stowe area.

Fast forward five years and years of advocating for legal cannabis sales in retail stores—Matt opened his first store in Morristown, Vermont. Initially, Matt called the business Lindie’s Candies, but he had to change it to comply with local cannabis laws.

Today, Matt has renovated a former home hair salon into a commercial kitchen, enabling him to double Lindie’s Kitchen production levels. He’s now infused his gummies with THC and CBD, making them ideal for anyone seeking the benefits of CBD and THC.

How Strong Are Lindie’s Kitchen Gummies

You must always know how strong your gummies are before you eat them. It’s easy to consume too much cannabis when using edibles because the high only kicks in after 45 minutes (or more). Therefore, take your time and go slowly.

At VT Bud Barn, our budtenders have expert knowledge of CBD gummies, and we can find the best dosage for you depending on your experience and tolerance levels.

Lindie’s Kitchen Edibles Review

Lindie’s Kitchen gummies are superb if you’re looking for high-potency cannabis mixed with incredible tastes. Founded by Matt Lindemer, Lindie’s Kitchen edibles are excellent if you want to reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality, and decrease muscular pain.

Where to Buy Lindie's Kitchen in VT

Come See Us!

The best place to buy Lindie’s Kitchen edibles is at VT Bud Barn in West Battleboro, Vermont. We’re the ultimate cannabis dispensary in the Vermont area, and our dispensary has built a loyal base of customers by putting you first.

VT Bud Barn is proud to help all customers, regardless of their cannabis knowledge, learn about the incredible health benefits of consuming edibles.

Buy Lindie’s Kitchen Edibles at VT Bud Barn

VT Bud Barn is the best place to buy Lindie’s Kitchen Gummies in Vermont. Our cannabis dispensary offers premium cannabis, including flower and edibles, to citizens of Vermont.

Come and visit us if you’re nearby and let us advise you on the best cannabis products.

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