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Highly Rooted is an American cannabis cultivation company based in Vermont. The two founders — Troy and Michelle Chapman — started Highly Rooted with one goal: to help people who have been deeply impacted by cancer. During her college years, Michelle studied cannabis and wrote many white papers on it.

As a result, she gained immense knowledge and took that into creating incredible edibles. Highly Rooted is dedicated to ensuring the safety of all customers. They see themselves as two small-time Vermonters looking to make a difference in other people’s lives. Therefore, they are the ideal small cannabis producer to support.

Highly Rooted Cannabis:

Product Specs

Highly Rooted Cannabis Review

The goal of Highly Rooted was simple: to provide incredible cannabis edibles to families struggling with all types of illness, including cancer. And they’ve achieved precisely that with various excellent products, such as their Snoozeberry Gummies, and Whipped Body Butter.

However, the company’s edibles are incredible. English Toffee is their most popular option. The texture is similar to authentic English toffee; however, Highly Rooted have hand crafted it with cannabis in Vermont. Michelle has an English mother called Lynn, and she ships it in with English ingredients from England.

Highly Rooted Edibles FAQs

Who Makes Highly Rooted Edibles

The company’s two founders — Troy and Michelle Chapman — create Highly Rooted edibles. Their top priority is creating edibles that have health benefits for the local Vermont community. A popular edible option is their Sour Gummies, which are tart enough to make your mouth water without overpowering the flavor.

The company makes sour gummies with cannabis oil, sugar, corn, sorbitol, and glucose, resulting in an incredible taste and a powerful high with many health benefits. They also offer a limited line of pre-rolls.

How Strong Are Highly Rooted Edibles

Highly Rooted edibles can be strong if you’re not careful with your dosage. However, at VT Bud Barn, we can help you with choosing the right dose.

The company recommends you take small bites of the Highly Rooted gummies and wait up to 2 hours to feel the effects. Remember, edibles don’t give you an instant high, so take your time.

Where to Buy Highly Rooted Edibles in VT

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There’s no doubt about it, the best place to purchase Highly Rooted gummies and edibles in Vermont is through VT Bud Barn, a premium cannabis dispensary in West Brattleboro, Vermont. Since 2018, we’ve built a loyal team of customers by putting their needs first and advising them on the best options.

Buy Highly Rooted Edibles

If you’re looking to buy Highly Rooted edibles in Vermont, VT Bud Barn has the selection for you. In addition, they have a team of budtenders ready to advise you on any cannabis product, including flower, CBD, and much more.

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