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Green River Cannabis Company

Green River Cannabis Company is a Vermont-based business that works to provide cannabis distributors and customers with the highest quality cannabis on the market today. Green River Cannabis is all about transparency, and is proud to offer their customers their quality testing results on their website. Green River’s products are available at six different locations within Vermont, including VT Bud Barn.

Green River Cannabis Company:

Product Line

Green River Cannabis Company offers many products, including flower and pre-roll. Some of the most popular strains from Green River include Gary Payton, Soap, Ice Cream Cake, Rainbow Belts, Wedding Cake, Gelato, and GMO.

The company is proud to provide customers and dispensaries with both recreational and medicinal cannabis options. When choosing Green River Cannabis products, customers never have to worry about quality or consistency, as each product is tested by an independent lab before it hits your local dispensary.

Green River Cannabis Company FAQs

What’s the quality control process like at Green River Cannabis Company?

Each product is independently tested, ensuring the highest quality.

Why does Green River use an indoor growing process?

The indoor growing process allows the growers at Green River to carefully control conditions, creating a reliable product.

Green River Cannabis Company Review

Here’s what reviewers have to say about the Gary Payton strain, which Green River also grows:

“Gary P I love you so much. I rate this a 4.5, and the -.5 is because i always find myself wanting more and more. Also because I embarrass myself a lot on it. I don’t know what y’all are talking about though when you say it smells peachy, it made my room smell like gas! I don’t mind it though, enough about technical stuff let me tell you what i love about Gary P. it’s a very flexible high, whether you want to bust down to song while you draw or instead get some stuff done, or even just become couch locked just being introspective.”

“Let me start by saying this is an experience, Veteran smoker and this? This is something else. Been in search of an uplifting hybrid or an uplifting strain for over 2 years that has exactly what I needed. Motivation, arousal, focus, and fun. My tolerance is crazy high and this really made me almost feel like it was my first high all over again. My head is soaring while my body feels like a warm blanket wrapped over me. I’m in complete bliss while also able to stay focused if I wanted.”

Where to Buy Green River Cannabis Products in VT

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We’re excited to help you tined the right Green River Cannabis products for your needs, whether you’re searching for the perfect flower or a convenient pre-roll. Stop by or reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you create a fantastic cannabis experience.

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