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Forbin's Finest

Forbin’s Finest is a cannabis producer from Barre, VT. They use various sustainable practices, renewable inputs, and clean flowers to produce connoisseur-grade cannabis and cannabis products. With a highly skilled team of cultivators with over 20 years of experience, they are committed to becoming a world leader in quality cannabis and cultivation.

Forbin's Finest:

Product Specs

To achieve their goal of growing Vermont’s premier cannabis, Forbin’s Finest only select the finest plants that produce terpene-rich flowers with genetics from close friends and their in-house breeding program. Forbin’s Finest has five premier cannabis strains: Strawberry Slurpee, Cake Crashier, Pineapple Cream, Tropicanna Slurpee, and Pineapple Slurpee.

Forbin’s Finest Cannabis Review

If you’re looking for classic, high-quality Vermont craft cannabis, look no further than Forbin’s Finest. Their strains are highly potent with excellent terpene profiles. In addition, Forbin’s Finest has mastered their flavors with the delicious Tropical Banana and Strawberry Slurpee strains. If you’re looking for high THC content, check out their Strawberry Strain with an average THC content of 24 to 26%.

Forbin’s Finest Product Line

Forbin’s Finest has 5 primary strains with various tasty flavors and THC/CBD content. Here are some of their excellent strains:

  • Forbin’s Finest Strawberry Slurpee – Strawberry Slurpee is a beautiful mixture of strawberries and cream cannabis varieties and strawberry mamba. With a THC content of 24-26%, this strain will not disappoint.
  • Forbin’s Finest Pineapple Cream – The Pineapple Cream strain is a mixture of cookies and cream mixed with their fantastic pineapple skunk terpene profile. The strain has 0-1% CBD and 25-26% THC.
  • Forbin’s Finest Cake Crasher – If you’re looking for a Sativa-dominant strain, look no further than Forbin Finest’s Cake Crasher. The strain has 30-32% THC, making it one of their most potent strains.
  • Forbin’s Finest Pineapple Slurpee – With a terpene profile of sweet tropical fruit and pineapple, Pineapple Slurpee packs delicious flavor and 45-45% THC.
  • Forbin’s Finest Tropicana Slurpee – With a fresh and floral aroma, fruity citrus flavors, and a Sativa-dominant profile—Tropicana Slurpee is a superb strain for all.

Forbin’s Finest FAQs

How Potent Are Forbin’s Finest Cannabis Products?

You should always look at the THC content of a strain to understand its potency. Forbin’s Finest cannabis strains are highly potent, especially Cake Crasher, which has a THC percentage of 30-32%. That’s enough to get you very high. However, they have strains with less THC—such as Strawberry Slurpee and Pineapple Cream.

Who Makes Forbin’s Finest Cannabis Products

The two co-owners—Nick Mattei and Angela Payette—make Forbin’s Finest cannabis products. Angela leads the compliance and cultivation side of the business. She ensures the cannabis remains high quality with meticulous farming techniques and pristine genetics.

Where To Buy Forbin’s Finest Cannabis Products?

The best place to buy Forbin’s Finest cannabis products is VT Bud Barn in West Brattleboro, Vermont. They are the premier local dispensary for the best craft cannabis from passionate cannabis cultivators in Vermont. They can answer any questions regarding Forbin’s Finest and which strain is suitable for you.

Where to Buy Forbin's Finest in VT

Come See Us!

Our weed dispensary in West Brattleboro, Vermont, is the ultimate place to buy Forbin’s Finest cannabis products. First founded in 2017, we are Brattleboro’s first legal (adult-use) recreational cannabis dispensary. Check out our extensive range of edibles, flower, and prerolls. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

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