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Emerald Visions

Emerald Visions is one of Vermont’s premier cannabis-growing companies. It’s led by the duo of expert growers Ashley and Nick, who’ve been working together for a decade and started the company in 2021. With a promise to use, in its words, “clean, science-backed ingredients” like organic coconut coir growing medium, Emerald Visions offers only the finest quality cannabis, which is always hand-trimmed and glass-cured. With third-party testing results prominently displayed on its website, it’s easy to see the company’s pride in its products.

Emerald Visions

Emerald Visions:

Product Specs

Emerald Visions Product Line

Emerald Visions produces a large, diverse selection of unique and potent cultivars, including:

  • Grape Gasoline (Indica hybrid)
  • Gorilla Breath (Hybrid)
  • Runtz (Hybrid)
  • Platinum Punch (Hybrid)
  • Forbidden Runtz (Indica hybrid)
  • Popscotti (Indicia hybrid)
  • Apple Fritter (Hybrid)
  • Iced Bananas (Indica)
  • Ice Cream Candy (Indica hybrid)
  • Creamsicle X Zkittlez Cake (Indica hybrid)
  • Loma Prieta (Sativa hybrid)
  • And more…

This extensive mix provides both familiar favorites and exotic new choices sure to keep even the most experienced cannabis connoisseur coming back for more. Though it may be tough to get the in-demand product, more is likely to come, thanks to Emerald Visions’ planned future expansions.

Emerald Visions Review

It’s a rare cannabis enthusiast who’s tried Emerald Visions and not found a lot to love! When Reddit users were asked for their recommendations about the top weed in Vermont, several volunteered Emerald Visions as the best of the best. Others praised it as one of the best value cultivators in the state, with replies noting “solid all around” and “beautiful flower.” The demand is so high that the company says it regularly fields requests to buy up its whole crop – though they prefer to spread the love around multiple dispensaries instead.

Where to Buy Emerald Visions in VT

Come See Us!

Our weed dispensary in West Brattleboro, Vermont, is the ultimate place to buy Emerald Visions cannabis products. First founded in 2017, we are Brattleboro’s first legal (adult-use) recreational cannabis dispensary. Check out our extensive range of edibles, flower, and prerolls. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

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