The Best Dispensaries in Vermont (2023)

Posted on May 31st, 2023 to Education

While recreational cannabis just came to fruition in Vermont, medical cannabis has been thriving in the state for several years. Despite the relative newness of adult-use cannabis, you can already find some of the best recreational dispensaries in Vermont. And, those trusted names in medical marijuana are still plugging away to make sure patients are well-served with quality weed. Looking for the best Vermont dispensary for you? Take a look at our picks for the best dispensaries in Vermont.

Best Vermont Dispensary (Southeast Region)

VT Bud Barn - Bennington, Vermont Recreational Dispensary

Vermont Bud Barn in Brattleboro, VT

Type: Recreational

Vermont Bud Barn was the very first recreational dispensary opened in Brattleboro, VT. However, the owners of VT Bud Barn have been focused on providing quality cannabis products since 2017 as Vermont Hempicurean. Both locations reside in the well-known big red barn just off Marlboro Road that truly exemplifies life in Vermont.

The VT Bud Barn takes pride in partnering with the best brands in the state to give customers access to the highest-quality cannabis products in the area, including:

VT Bud Barn is often touted as the best price dispensary in Vermont with great deals on even the most premium cannabis products.

Visit VT Bud Barn. VT Grow Barn, and VT Hempicurean in One Stop

VT Bud Barn and VT Hempicurean are sister locations owned by us. If you are looking for high-CBD products with no major THC levels involved, you can simply step into the hemp store next door and get help to find just what you need. Are you growing your own cannabis plants at home for personal use? Our Vermont Grow Barn in the same red-barn location can help you get set up with everything from grow lights and nutrients to helpful advice.

A Dedication to Cannabis Knowledge and Empowerment

When you stop in at VT Bud Barn, it doesn’t matter if you’re a cannabis connoisseur or have never tried cannabis in your life. We appreciate every individual’s personal journey with cannabis, and simply stand as a guiding voice when it comes to the best products. If you have questions about terpenes, the differences in indoor vs outdoor flower, or even finding the top edibles, we can help. Our budtenders are simply passionate people who love good cannabis and have fun helping you track down reliable answers and top products.

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Best Vermont Dispensary (Southwest Region)

Silver Therapeutics Cannabis Dispensary in Bennington, VT

Type: Recreational

The Silver Therapeutics cannabis store is one of the newest dispensaries in the state of VT, but Silver Therapeutics is not a new name in cannabis. Silver has locations across three states, including others in Massachusetts and Maine. And each location is well-known for providing top-shelf cannabis. The Bennington dispensary offers a well-curated menu of the best cannabis flower and strains, top VT concentrates, infused cannabis edibles, and more. Customers say the dispensary is relatively small, but the selection is definitely impressive, and the prices are aligned with other dispensaries in the area.

Best Vermont Dispensary (Central Vermont Region)

Sunday Drive in Woodstock, VT

Type: Recreational

A female-owned cannabis dispensary made up of an enthusiastic group of cannabis advocates, Sunday Drive is one of the best recreational dispensaries in Vermont. Known for its knowledgeable budtenders, friendly environment, and great selection of Vermont cannabis products, Sunday Drive is a laid-back place with a reputation for exceptional customer service. Customers say the dispensary is the best if you are new to cannabis and want a team that will walk you through your purchase to find what will work best for your needs.

Best Vermont Dispensary (Northwest Region)

CeresMED in South Burlington, VT

Type: Recreational and Medical

Ceres is a well-known name when it comes to fine cannabis in the state of Vermont. Ceres Collaborative opened its doors in 2012 as one of the first medical dispensaries to serve cannabis patients in the state. In 2022, Ceres was also the very first VT dispensary to offer recreational sales. Ceres has always positioned itself as a group of passionate individuals with a dedication to holistic wellness. That passion seeps into everything Ceres does and has to offer in its dispensary. The quality of the products produced in Ceres’s own production facility in Milton is also highly regarded.

Best Vermont Dispensary (Northeast Region)

Kingdom Kind in Barton, VT

Type: Recreational

Kingdom Kind is an up-and-coming name in Barton with a reputation for providing something for everyone—newcomers and aficionados alike. With an impressive array of Vermont cannabis products, Kingdom Kind is a family-owned operation with a true dedication to offering the best cannabis the state has to offer. Their collection even includes tinctures, cartridges, flowers, and pre-rolls bearing the Vermont Kind Cannabis name, which is a brand of craft cannabis and cannabis products created by Kingdom Kind. Customers say a visit to Kingdom Kind never disappoints when it comes to quality selection and good customer service.

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We may have started with hemp and transitioned into cannabis, but that transition has only given us more appreciation for our VT customers. We take pride in what we do and every product we include on our menu. If you will be in the Brattleboro area, we would love to see you at Vermont Bud Barn. Before heading our way, feel free to check out our extensive collection of cannabis products—hand-selected for their quality by our dedicated team. In a rush? You can order ahead for a quick pickup.

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